A native of the DC area, Tim’s early years were characterized by a strong connection to the outdoors and a particular affinity for whitewater kayaking on the Potomac River.  He grew up in a house that was constantly under renovation by his father, an environmental planner with a knack for building, and so naturally gravitated toward architecture early in his career.  After completing his undergraduate studies it was only logical to venture west: first for a summer in the Sierra Nevada (thanks to his mother who worked for the National Park Service) and later to San Francisco. Living and working in San Francisco’s Mission District for most of a decade developed his appreciation of the dynamic opportunities of the urban landscape.

Tim has always been drawn to design challenges that allow for an exploration of form, tectonics, and materiality.  Although he considers himself to be a generalist as a designer, his background in architecture has led him to become somewhat specialized in designing landscapes that require a careful integration with buildings.  He has worked on a number of LAB projects including the Ballston Quarter Retail Mall, Ballston Quarter Origin, the Ballston Macy’s Office Terraces, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and the Access Road Ecotone project.

Tim studied Architecture and Architectural History as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, later going on to pursue graduate studies in Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley.  Beginning early in his academic career, Tim realized that he enjoyed the intensity and focus associated with design competitions and has gone on to win local, regional, and national design competitions in school and throughout his career.  When he’s not tinkering with his house, Tim still likes to gets out on the Potomac a few times a week.

Tim joined LAB in 2012 and became a principal in 2017.