Gene is a Landscape Architect and Urbanist with a passion for creating vibrant, memorable and equitable places. Having started his career as part of the Pavement to Parks team at the San Francisco Planning Department, Gene is especially interested in creative placemaking in the public realm and in helping communities instill positive change in the urban landscape.

Gene received a Bachelor of Science in Urban & Regional Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. In 2018, he received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. His thesis research explored how filmmaking can be utilized by landscape architects to better understand and intervene in the public realm of disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. In 2017, Gene was awarded a Fellowship by the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley to explore the intersection of landscape architecture and cinema.

With years of both public and private experience in the design of the built environment, he aspires to synthesize his expertise in landscape architecture and urban planning to meaningfully shape places close to home. In his free time, he enjoys playing music, wandering through cities, and exploring notions of landscape perception, time, memory, and dreams with his art collective, ESTO.

Gene joined LAB in 2019.