Washington, DC, NW

Completed 2018

10,000 sf

GTM Architects (architect)
Flux Studio (lighting designer)

Ark Restaurants

The Sequoia restaurant has been a fixture in the Washington Harbor complex on the Georgetown Waterfront for decades.  In 2016, LAB was approached to help manage the approval process for the installation of a massive sculpture by the Belgian artist, Arne Quinze, to be located on the restaurant’s outdoor terraces.  The LAB team went on to design a renovation for a series of extremely well-used outdoor dining terraces associated with the restaurant  that overlook the Potomac River.  Project scope consisted of replacing terrace paving, preserving several large existing canopy trees, designing a series of new planters and handrails, improving accessibility, and enhancing circulation through the terraces.

Because the scope of the project was constrained, the LAB team focused on maximizing the potential value of each design intervention and carefully considering how it would augment what is already a successful and very well-used place.  A simple but effective paving scheme was chosen in order to complement the color palette of the existing walls of the terrace (which dated back to the 1980s), while recasting them in a more contemporary light.  A series of custom-designed metal planters and handrails emphasized and enhanced the stepped organization of the terrace while providing relief and interest for terrace users.  The LAB team was particularly involved in overseeing the construction process in order to help coordinate the installation of new paving under a series of existing canopy trees.

03 - Sequoia - lplan.jpg

Photographs: Prakash Patel; Renderings: LAB