Landscape Architecture Bureau [LAB] creates memorable landscapes and urban designs that are practical, sustainable and of lasting beauty. To the extent that LAB has a specialty, it is in landscape architecture in highly urbanized contexts; we are expert in solving design problems for people in the public realm. The firm has gained a reputation for exploring thoroughly the possibilities of each project no matter its size, scope, or resources, resulting in spaces that satisfy their users and engage the senses.

LAB’s work fuses art, stewardship and client service, crafting designs that are fresh, pragmatic and environmentally responsible. We infuse stewardship of both natural and social systems into every aspect of our work, understanding that a project will not be a success unless it also contributes to the public’s physical and social well-being.

From the beginning of each project, LAB works to identify a guiding concept — a strong, clear idea. We carry this idea through every stage of the project, from early design thoughts to contract documents to construction administration, advocating for the ultimate integrity and intention of the project as a whole. Our attention to detail while preparing construction drawings allows the work to be priced fairly and built solidly.



Cooperation is integral to our working process. As a member of a design team, LAB eagerly engages with the client, other design professionals and engineers to support a successful outcome.


We have a responsibility both to steward the environment and to embolden and deepen the relationship between natural systems and the people on which they depend. LAB is committed to an expanded notion of sustainability, beyond simple environmental protection. We believe that only well-conceived, well-constructed places, made both beautiful and inclusive of the people using and surrounding them, will be loved by their users sufficiently to make them sustainable.


The beauty and worth of outdoor spaces depend not only on well-conceived, innovative designs but also on the thoroughness with which they are pursued, from early concepts through construction administration. LAB has found that this goal can be accomplished even with modest materials. This attention to detail also allows the work to be priced fairly and constructed smoothly.


In order to be coherent, the concept must be simple and clear, implemented consistently throughout the project.


The talent found within the design studio is one of LAB’s great strengths. Every project begins with a collective approach, so each project receives the benefit not only of the specific landscape architects assigned to it, but also the talents of the entire firm.