Washington, DC, SE

Temporary Installation 2017

320 sf

Earth Conservation Corps
Casey Trees

LAB’s 2017 Park(ing) Day installation reimagined a parking space in DC’s Navy Yard as a sculptural installation and street-side venue for environmental education. Partnering with local non-profits Casey Trees and the Earth Conservation Corps (ECC), the team created a design that informs the public about the role of green infrastructure in mitigating pollution in the Anacostia River (one of the most polluted rivers in the region). The installation utilized over 200 discarded plastic bottles (which were collected from the shores of the Anacostia by the ECC). Each bottle was then cleaned and color-coded to represent different metrics related to the river’s pollution and planned infrastructural improvements. The bottles were arranged atop a field of wooden dowels with native perennials interspersed. Local representatives from Casey Trees, ECC, and LAB were on hand to chat with community members about sustainability efforts in DC. The installation was situated adjacent to an existing LID planter, which provided an opportunity to educate the public about the role of landscape architecture in creating urban infrastructure that is functional, attractive and sustainable.

Material Donations - Bottles from ECC, Trees from Ginkgo Gardens, Perennials from W.H. Boyer

PARK[ING] DAY - Since 2005, designers and like-minded urbanists have used Park(ing) Day, a worldwide phenomenon, to highlight the untapped value of public space. LAB has been participating since 2016. Each year’s project becomes an opportunity to explore new approaches to designing public space while partnering with local organizations and engaging with the local community.

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Photographs & Drawings: LAB