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Lyn spent her childhood following her dad around his gardens, learning about the joys of the changing seasons, and eating green beans straight off the vine.  Family gardens, public parks, and the rolling hills of Kentucky fostered her early appreciation for the materials of landscape architecture and its potential as a creative expression.  It wasn’t, however, until studying architecture in the post-industrial landscape of St. Louis that she connected these early experiences with the social dimension of design.  This intersection of people, urban places, and natural systems drove her desire to pursue and practice landscape architecture.

Since living in Washington, DC and working as a designer and project manager at LAB, Lyn has had the opportunity to contribute to and lead projects that combine social, ecological and infrastructural design.  Such projects include the DHS Access Road research and infrastructure project, Garrison Elementary School, and La Quercia Fellows Housing for Dumbarton Oaks.  Additionally, she is managing the Ward 1 Short Term Family and Permeant Supportive Housing project and the Dacha Docks Beer Garden at Dock 79.  

Lyn received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia.  Her academic work includes: a public elementary school play and educational landscape that was designed and built as part of a collaborative capstone studio in north St. Louis; and guidelines for reshaping the street assembly and pedestrian environment in three climatically distinct cities – Richmond, Madrid, and Caracas. Throughout these explorations and her recent professional work, Lyn strives to bring energy and excitement to the process of landscape design, engaging with and designing for end-users – both human and non-human.  Outside of the office, Lyn enjoys knitting, hiking, running with her pup Zuri, and nearly obsessive houseplant tending.  

Lyn joined LAB in 2016.