Washington, DC, NW

Completed 2004

18,000 sf

Shinberg Levinas Architects (architect)

A renovation of an existing residence located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, the Levinas Residence landscape includes a series of new garden spaces, a walled court, and a new swimming pool terrace.   LAB’s design strategy includes as a series of enclosed gardens that function as daily spaces for relaxation, but are also capable of hosting social events and acting as an open-air museum for the display of the owner’s large collection of outdoor sculpture. 

Conceptually, the site is divided into three distinct zones. On the west, a pool terrace includes a long lap pool that is oriented such that, when unoccupied, it serves as a reflecting pool from within the residence.  A turf terrace adjacent to the pool has a space for outdoor grilling and entertaining. Bands of paving inserted into the turf in this area create a distinctive pattern and blur the distinction between hardscape and conventional turf.  

The central garden is a walled courtyard, enclosed by high walls, that serves as a more formal outdoor entertaining space. Tall gateways lead to the pool terrace and the sculpture garden. The sculpture garden, on the east side of the property, is organized by a grid of columnar trees set in a decorative gravel surface.  The space hosts a revolving exhibition of the owners’ larger pieces.

02a-Levinas Residence.jpg
02b-Levinas Residence.jpg

Photographs: Eric Laignel