grosvenor park

Bethesda, MD

Completed 2003

20,000 sf

SRG (structural engineer)

Grosvenor Park Condominium

Located along Rockville Pike outside of Washington, DC, the Grosvenor Park Condominiums project required a clever approach to creating new linear terrace gardens that are simple, yet playful, and provide much-needed outdoor building amenity space. LAB’s approach included playing with simple geometric forms highlighted by colorful plant material to create intimate gathering and seating spaces.       

The new gardens, which flank either side of the building’s lobby, were designed to be experienced both at ground level and visually from balconies and apartment windows above. A series of rotated square groundcover parterres are anchored by a line of Honey Locust trees and provide visual interest and shade for adjacent paths and seating areas. These areas create new places for residents to explore and relax outdoors. Areas adjacent to the lobby are defined by a playful gridded paving pattern, also rotated against the lines of the garden walls to create an added dynamism to this small space.  LAB’s design includes extensive screen planting for terrace level units that serve as the backdrop for the communal terrace space and allow residents to enjoy both space simultaneously.

02a-Grosvenor-looking down.jpg
03-Grosvenor-rendered plan.jpg

Photographs: Prakash Patel; Drawings: LAB