Arlington, VA

Completed 2006

21,000 sf

CORE Architecture + Design (architect)
Bowman Consulting (civil engineer)

Gould Property Company

2016 ASLA Potomac Honor Award for Design

The Concord is a sixteen-story mixed-use apartment building located in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia.  A large courtyard, located at grade but built over a parking garage, contains all primary landscape scope for the project including a generous lawn area, a dining grove, several seating terraces, and a large linear water feature.

The courtyard landscape is organized around a series of parallel features in order to maximize visual exposure and access to the garden’s primary amenities.  First, a linear terrace located immediately adjacent to the interior amenity space provides areas for informal seating and dining.  It is shaded by a row of trees located in series of stone-clad planters which, in turn, form the edge of a canal-like linear reflecting pool.  A series of steps articulate the long edge of the pool where it meets the adjacent lawn space, encouraging users to interact with the water and cool off on warm summer days.  The lawn panel itself provides an important flexible space for users to lounge or engage in more active forms of recreation.  An intimate grove terminates one end of the lawn space and provides a quiet counterpoint to the more active areas in the courtyard.

Although not required by regulations when it was designed, the landscape employs an innovative approach to stormwater management by capturing runoff from the building façade and adjacent hardscape areas.  The newly-captured runoff is redistributing to soil vaults located below the terrace where it feeds the trees located in that area.


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Photographs: Prakash Patel; Renderings: LAB